The Best Dressed Chicken

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The Website

We were approached to design a website that would host a robust product catalog for all three brands under The Best Dressed Chicken umbrella. We saw an opportunity to not only communicate the product offerings to potential customers, but to generate leads for wholesale purchases. Our approach included increasing traffic to the website with value added content in the form of original recipes crafted with The Best Dressed Chicken products.

Social Media

We believed that social media could become a powerful driver of traffic to the website. Our approach was to use original content to position The Best Dressed Chicken brands as the go-to place for premium yet approachable food content. To create brand affinity with valuable content that our fans can infuse into their daily lives.

It was important that we created distinct voice for each brand…

  • The Best Dressed Chicken, wholesome meals for Jamaican families.
  • Hamilton’s Smokehouse, for the young hip and busy millennial.
  • Reggae Jammin’, meals on the go for busy moms.

Key Results

Through our content strategy and heavy focus on producing original content we increased engagement by an average of 283% across all platforms for all three brands. We saw a 319% increase of users visiting the website, with 47% of our overall traffic being generated from our recipe pages.

Our Role

Website Design, Social Media Management, Photography, Videography, Content Production

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