Ideal Group

Content Development, Print Design, Responsive, Web App Development, Web Design & Web Development

The Client

The Ideal Group Ltd. was built on the dream of one man, Donovan Lewis. He sought to bridge the gap between savings and investments in order to help others build sustainable wealth.

The Challenge

The Ideal Group Ltd. has dedicated years to building a solid reputation within the financial sector amoungst seasoned investors. However, the demographic of young professionals eager to invest was largely untapped. They engaged our team to spearhead their first rebrand in 40 years to capture this new market.

Our Role

Website Design, Brand Identity Design , Branded Materials, Copywriting , Photography , Web Application Development


Our strategy was to use design to make investing more approachable for new investors in our target demographic. The messaging throughout the website was developed to position Ideal Group Ltd. as strategic wealth management that is tailor-made with the investor in mind. Customer education played a key role in our methodology. We implemented a resources section that included strategic content pieces on industry trends, investment basics and more.

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