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The Client

Barita Investments Ltd. is one of Jamaica’s oldest stock brokerages with a vision and plan to ‘Make your money work for you’. With millennials ageing up and becoming more focused on financial independence, they were eager to take their brand in a bold new direction.

Project Scope

Content Strategy
Email Marketing
Mobile Site
Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

As Barita made plans to usher Jamaican investing into the digital age, it was important to still maintain the relationships they built with seasoned investors over the past five decades. While, redefining the brand so it now became relevant to a younger demographic who was also interested in growing their wealth.



We crafted a visual language that was sleek and modern, but still maintained key design elements of the brand. We married the three pillars of Barita: first-class service, a passion for empowerment and a genuine drive to help customers achieve their goals; with their new bold and confident direction.  Optimization and automation were the top priorities in our user experience design strategy as it supported the client’s goal to make financial education more accessible.



Key Results

Since the launch of the website and subsequent landing pages such as we’ve generated a significant increase in leads. Also over all engagement with the brand saw a jump in investment interest and the website a key element in the brand’s conversion process.



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